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The Picture of Dorian Gray: The Sins of Dorian Gray Essay

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What good does it do a man to gain the whole world yet forfiet his soul? None, perfection, the goal we all reach for, yet is it really attainable to become perfect without giving something in return, possibly your soul. This is a theme challenged in the novel The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. We see the tragedy of a young beautiful Englishman, Dorian Gray, who becomes a vain sinner dedicated to pleasure. Dorian's inner secrets and weakness of mind becomes his downfall. In this novel Dorian Gray's apparent perfection is destroyed by his weakness of mind and naiiveness, which becomes the downfall of his soul as his mind is opened to sin and Hedonism by Lord Henry Wotton.

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He is even told by Lord Henry he is far too charming to go into philantropy. This remark may be the beginning of the flattery that opened Dorian's mind up to his corruption. Dorian is being moved by Harry's speech about cherishing youth and enjoying it. His mind was being challenged by the thought of his own passions until the point when he proclaimed "stop! You bewilder me. I do not know what to say. There is some answer to you, but I cannot find it. Do not speak. Let me think. Or rather let me try not to think". Dorian allows himself to be corrupted. He begins to fear aging and begins to think that everything will be loss with the loss of his youth and beauty. Dorian goes from no worries to this thought as Harry speaks. He was convinced that this "new Hedonism" was the way. This shows the weakness of his mind in his youth it is also the begginning of his fate. With this flaw of character, Dorian seemed to write his fate unknowingly. When Basil Hallward, the painter, rewarded Dorian with the portrait he replied "If I were to be the one always young, and the picture grow old! For that-for that-Iwould give everything!…Iwould give my soul for that!". This was just a plea at the depth of his sorrow, a remark made totally through whim.

As the novel goes on so does Dorian's life. He begins to be under the control of Lord Henry to some degree. He also begin's to spend more time with Lord Henry, who is

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The Picture Of Dorian Gray Essay

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Art, what is Art? It is an ambiguous matter: without an exact form, an exact meaning. Does it have any rules or restrictions? However, it can be a great influence on the lives of people. In the novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray, two lovers have fell in and out of love due to Art!
     Dorian Gray found Sibyl charming because of her Art! ¡§She has not merely art, consummate art-instinct in her, but she has personality also; and you have often told me that it is personalities, not principles, that move the age¡¨ (63). Sibyl is an actress. She is formed by others: no self is without external influence. Therefore, Art that expresses the self is less valuable than art which expresses the influence of others. The…show more content…

¡§She regarded me merely as a person in a play. She knows nothing of life¡¨ (61). Art is not ¡§real¡¨, or, rather, it forms its own type of reality, its own world. ¡§¡Kbefore I knew you (Dorian), acting was the one reality of my life. It was only in the theatre that I lived. I thought that it was all true¡¨ (95). Before Sibyl fell in love with Dorian, she lives in a world or Art, a world of imaginations. That great pureness of Art is so powerful that she can spiritualize her audiences, and give them a soul if they lived without one, create the sense of beauty in people whose lives have been sordid and ugly. Art has the power to bring people into a place where they have not been, or a place that they don¡¦t have the opportunity to go to in the reality. Dorian has realized, ¡§I love acting. It is so much more real than life¡¨ (88). Real life is so limited as to in acting, a man can live any scene that he can possibly think of.
     Dorian¡¦s rejection of Sibyl came upon one night that Sibyl has lost her magic. A night that her acting lost the power to attract and charm the audiences. ¡§Good artists exist simply in what they make, and consequently are perfectly uninteresting in what they are¡¨ (64). That night, ¡§she spoke the words as though they conveyed no meaning to her¡Kshe was absolutely self-contained. It was simply bad art. She was a complete failure¡¨ (93). Sibyl has become herself! She

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