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Preparation of Synthetic Banana Oil Essay

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Lab 5: Preparation of Synthetic Banana Oil
September 20th, 2012

The main purpose of this experiment was to synthesize banana oil (isopentyl acetate.) Ester are often prepared by the Fischer esterification method, which involves heating a carboxylic acid with an alcohol in the presence of an acid catalyst.
Synthesize isopentyl acetate by combining isopentyl alcohol with acetic acid and sulfuric acid and then heating the reaction mixture under reflux for an hour. The alcohol is the limiting reactant, so it should be weighed/ the acids can be measured by volume. The esterification reaction is reversible, and it has an equilibrium constant of approximately 4.2. A pure component can be obtained from a mixture by…show more content…

Reflux apparatus

When the reaction time is up, allow the reaction mixture to cool to about room temperature. Turn off the cooling water and remove the reflux condenser. Transfer the reaction mixture to a separatory funnel. Leaving the boiling chips behind, and washes the mixture with 50 mL of water. Drain the aqueous layer, and leave the organic layer in the separatory funnel. Then carefully wash the organic layer with two successive portion of 5% aqueous sodium bicarbonate, draining the aqueous layer after each washing. During the first washing, stir the layers until gas evolution subsides before you stopper the separatory funnel, and vent it frequently thereafter. Dry the crude isopentyl acetate with anhydrous magnesium sulfate or sodium sulfate, and filter I by gravity. Using standard-taper glassware, assemble an apparatus for standard scale simple distillation. Be sure the thermometer is straight up as shown in the picture below. Distill the crude product, collecting any liquid that distills between 137oC and 143oC. Record the actual boiling range. Wait until the entire thermometer bulb is moist with condensing vapors, liquid is distilling into the receiver, and the temperature is stable. Stop the distillation when only a drop or so of liquid remains in the pot or when the temperature reaches 143%. Using a Carbowax column or another suitable

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