Should Not Wearing A Seatbelt Be Illegal Persuasive Essay

In the United States, almost all of the states have seat-belt laws that would fine people for $200 for not wearing a seat-belt. The United Kingdom also fines anyone caught without a seat-belt for £500. With these extensive fines, governments are definitely serious about keeping people in cars strapped to their seats with a seat-belt. However, it has not stopped people from wondering, ‘should not wearing a seat-belt be illegal?

In fact, there are still a lot of people who do not want to wear seat-belts for one reason or another. Here are some of the reasons why people prefer to not wear seat-belts and the reasons why they should.

People say there is no need to wear a seat-belt if they drive slowly. People who are nearing their home often feel safe enough to not wear their seat-belts rationalizing that they are driving slow enough to avoid an accident. The reality is that most of the accidents according to the National Transportation Safety Board happen at speeds that are slower than 40 miles per hour.

People feel that they will survive if they get thrown from their car during accidents. What’s been found by the offices in Kansas that deal with traffic safety is that those who get thrown are more likely to die compared to people who wear their seat-belts.

People think that it is better to have no seat-belt especially during accidents that involve fire or submersion. The thing though to remember is that an impact is likely before the car is in the water or set on fire. Thus, having a seat-belt on might just make the difference between being alert enough and try to get out of the car or being totally dazed and unconscious.

So, going back to the question about whether not wearing a seat-belt should be considered illegal. Well, the laws do have a reason for requiring seat-belt usage. After all, it keeps people safe and prevents half of all possible deaths during accidents. It also keeps almost fifteen thousand people alive every year.

  • Yes it should

    We have laws prohibiting excessive speed, being drunk, eratic driving, etc, in order to protect other people and their property, as well as public property. You cannot speed, because it endangers other people, and their property and the property of the public, for example. However, seatbelt laws are only there to protect the individual. If I choose to not wear a seatbelt, I am only endangering myself, and no one else. I do support it being legal to not wear a seatbelt, above the age of 16-18.

  • Seatbelts save lives.

    People opposing this state that it is "their choice," well I beg to differ. Let's say you don't wear a seatbelt because you feel it is your "own right to your own safety." I believe the passengers of your car also have a right to "their safety," if you get in a crash, what is going to stop your body from flying through the vehicle and striking them? People need to get past their own stubbornness and think about the big picture a little more.

  • Project for school

    A common mistake that drivers do is not put their seatbelts on when they start driving. Seatbelts prevent you from hurting yourself in case of a car accident. But now many teens and even adults either forget or don't put their seatbelt on. This is a major problem. With so many car accidents happening today, not wearing a seatbelt should be illegal. It is very unsafe and you can seriously get injured or even die if you get in a car accident and not have your seatbelts on. Many teens do not wear seatbelts because they think that they are cool not wearing seatbelts. It would be your fault if you get in a car crash and you didn't have your seatbelt on. Seatbelts are very comfortable and protect you from getting hurt. If a cop sees you without your seatbelt on, they should pull you over and give you a ticket. Some people don't realize how important seatbelts are to you. They protect you and keep you safe. I understand that there are airbags in cars that are supposed to keep you safe, but seatbelts prevent you from jerking forward into the airbag. Some airbags can actually be dangerous if you hit them the wrong way. As you can tell, I have made some important reasons and points of why not wearing a seatbelt should be illegal.

  • Ask any EMT

    Anyone working in the medical field will tell you the horrific stories from accidents where an individual was not wearing a seatbelt. An unrestrained passenger is a projectile that kills others. The seatbelt keeps the driver in the car so they have some chance to continue steering and breaking. Anyone who disagrees with this is a moron.

  • Seatbelt laws will improve economic factors.

    Not wearing a seatbelt should be illegal for two reasons: 1) not wearing a seatbelt makes your body a potential flying object that could seriously injure or kill other passengers in the vehicle were it to crash and 2) forcing people to wear their seatbelts will reduce the number of people seriously injured in auto accidents. In effect, this will reduce the amount of money spent on health care each year and increase worker productivity because of fewer days of work missed, time spent in the hospital, etc.

  • Yes it should be illegal not to wear a seat belt.

    The government has a compelling interest in mandating safety standards for transportation vehicles. Since seat belts are a time proven safety device requiring their use is in the public interest and making it illegal not to wear them is also in the public interest. Therefore there needs to be some enforcement of the policy (by law enforcement) and making not wearing them against the law allows for this enforcement.

  • Seatbelts can save lives

    A seatbelt can stop a person from going through the windshield and save their lives. It has a lot to do with common sense and physics. Your inertia will keep you moving, even after your car has been stopped by another force, and your seatbelt prevents that. Thousands of people die every year in car crashes where they could've been saved by a seatbelt. Don't die. Wear a seatbelt.

  • Yes, not wearing a seat belt should be illegal.

    Despite always buckling my own seat belt, I still need to remind my parents to fasten their belts. Even after losing a close relative to a car accident, they still put forward the old ridiculous reasoning, "We aren't going far." I realize their reluctance is part of the culture they grew up in, and habits are difficult to break, but I wish they would realize their lives are precious to me. If I could be there every time they drive to remind them of this, I would. I believe seat belt use should be required by law, because I would do anything in my power to protect the people I love, even from their own errors in judgment.

  • In is the law in my country.

    If you do not wear a seat belt you can be fined, if you are driving the car you also lose points on your license and you are fined for any child in your car not wearing a seat let. Seat belts save lives. The death toll on the road is higher than it needs to be.

  • Why you should wear a seat belt

    I think people should wear a seat belt because if your driving and you get in a car crash you have a better chance of staying alive. If you don't wear a seat belt you have a extreme chance that you may not live.
    Which one would you want?

    Life or death

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