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6 Reasons to study Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Electrical & Electronic Engineering is a fascinating field, and one which could make your time at uni a challenging, enriching and rewarding experience. Just as the world needs its Doctors, Nurses and Teachers, Electrical Engineering is something which we simply couldn't do without. If you like the idea of creating electrical systems which could help millions of people on a day to day basis, like the systems used in phones, or computers, then read these reasons to study Electrical & Electronic Engineering.  

1. Electrical Engineers have good Graduate Prospects

As you can see on the Subject League Table for Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Graduate Prospects remain high even a bit lower down the table. Certainly in the top 10 institutions, Graduate Prospects are formidable when compared to some other subjects. This suggests a higher employability in graduates of Electrical Engineering, an obvious bonus and real incentive for undergraduates to start a career in this field. 

2. Electrical Engineers enjoy high starting salaries

As you can see on our What do Graduates Earn? page, Electrical & Electronic Engineering is firmly in the top half, with a salary in a professional job rising above £24,000. This means that graduates benefit from a degree of this kind, and whatever time and money you put in now will pay dividends come life post-graduation. With Electrical Engineering, you are helping society and getting paid a decent wage for doing so.

3. Global opportunities

You will be hard pressed to find a corner of the world where electrical engineers are not required. And there's even opportunities to study abroad too! If you use our Course Chooser and filter your results correctly you will see that there are 17 possible courses on offer in the UK, across several different unis, which offer time abroad as part of the degree programme. If spending time overseas in a job you are passionate about appeals to you then perhaps Electrical Engineering is the right degree to choose. Here is a list of Electrical Engineering courses offering a year abroad.

4. Electrical Engineers are always in demand

What with the rapid expansion of the technology sector over the last few decades, the demand for those who can create, understand and alter electrical control systems has risen accordingly. Computing for one is constantly evolving and therefore innovative new thinkers are required to configure new ideas and pave the way in electronics. 

According to the Engineering Report 2015, Engineering, including Electrical & Electronic Engineering, is one of the most in-demand professions in the UK, with vacancies set to rise into the millions come the turn of the decade. 

A degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering therefore develops your skills, and makes you highly sought after in a world where graduate job markets are unpredictable and tough.

5. Electrical & Electronic Engineering helps people

For any budding altruistic engineers out there, you'll be pleased to know that the profession is built on the idea of improving systems to help humanity. Smart phones, for instance, have revolutionised the way we communicate, electrical systems in medical equipment allow us to monitor more effectively the behaviour of those in need, and the electronics in security systems allow us to feel more secure.

Electrical & Electronic Engineers therefore offer an unquantifiable benefit to society; if you want to be part of that then perhaps a degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering is the one for you.

6. Electrical Engineers are at the forefront of future technologies

Electrical engineering is at the forefront of developing new technologies for a number of industries including transport, healthcare, construction, and robotics. What an exciting time to be alive and what an exciting time to be a electrical engineer.

Personal Statement For Electrical Engineering Essay

Diagnostics Essay
Electrical engineering is the major that I am pursuing during my college career. I decided to pursue this major because it is a career, which requires knowledge in other subjects, it is a career, which changes often, and everyday it provides a person with new problems to solve.
My decision to become an electrical engineer was not a decision I took too long ago. It is something that I decided to pursue when I entered a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) high school. It was then that I realized how much I enjoyed working with computers and building circuits, and the fact that this career involved many subjects. Doing a lot of research to understand better what it meant to be an Electrical Engineer, I found out that in order to succeed in this career one had to know a little bit of everything. In other words, subjects such as science and math are essential to know if someone wants to be successful electrical engineer. An electrical engineer is someone who finds practical solutions to everyday problems that involve electricity, such as computers, cell phones, among other electrical equipments. In order to create a useful device one must know where to start and this is where science comes in. An electrical engineer must be able to use the scientific method, which means; one must form a procedure, test it out, and write a conclusion. These parts of the scientific method must be written clearly, so that others can recreate and test out a device or project. Math also plays a key role in this area of study, because one must be precise when creating a new device that others are going to use. For example, if one were to create a new type of cell phone one must know a lot of math in order to be able to program the cell phone to do things like compute mathematical equations or set a time right, all of these thing require algorithms. I enjoyed the idea of pursuing a career that required a wide array of knowledge in different subjects, and one of the reasons I decided to pursue a major as an electrical engineer.
Furthermore, I chose this major because being an electrical engineer means working a lot with electronics and creating new and useful technology and expanding their...

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