Sport Leisure And Tourism History Gcse Coursework

Leisure & Tourism

Within the Leisure and Tourism department students achieve excellent results. The department aims for all students to experience a new subject area that will inspire them and develop their interest in the wider world and other peoples’ leisure and tourism activities.

Subject areas are based predominantly on coursework where students engage in independent research and develop skills needed for further education or the world of work. This department will motivate, encourage and enthuse students to achieve above all expectations.


What will your child learn in our subject?

At KS3 students will complete a taster course in Leisure and Tourism which will develop independence, resilience, organisational and research skills. Students are required to create their own research question or project title within the field of Leisure and Tourism and then complete a final project, presenting this research and reaching a supported conclusion in their chosen area of inquiry.


What will your child learn in our subject?

At KS4 students can opt to take the GCSE in Leisure and Tourism, which provides a study option that encourages students to take a more independent approach to their learning. Students learn why leisure and tourism has become one of the UK’s fastest growing industries and biggest employment areas in the world. The course also covers elements of marketing, customer service and business. The GCSE is comprised of the Unit 1 exam worth 40% of the final grade, sat at the end of the course, and Unit 2 60% of the final grade which is assessed through coursework.

Celebrating Success

A*-C in 2014 was 84%, with 44% of students achieving A*-B grades.

Extra-Curricular Activities and Trips:

To assist students with their coursework there is a trip in Year 10 to Thorpe Park where they are able to understand an active Leisure organisation and how it meets to needs of its customers, markets and promotes its activities and communicates with its target audience.

Other trips have included visits to Wembley and Twickenham sports stadiums.


What will your child learn in our subject?

At KS5 students will studying either the single AS/A2, the double AS/A2 award in Travel and Tourism, or an AS/A2 in Leisure Studies.

In Travel and Tourism 66% of the course is assessed through coursework, with 33% being a terminal exam at the end of the year. All units are equally weighted when determining the final grade. The course of study is designed so that it can be undertaken by candidates entering the area for the first time. The key is having an interest in any form of travel!

In the single AS/A2 qualification students learn about the Travel and Tourism industry, customer service within travel and tourism, travel destinations, tourism development and event management.

In the double award students learn about working overseas, organising travel, international travel, marketing and human resources within travel and tourism organisations.

The AS/A2 in Leisure Studies also comprises of 66% coursework and 33% examination for the final grade. Leisure Studies at Tring School provides students with an excellent opportunity to take an exciting, interesting and rewarding subject. The content has been designed to provide knowledge and understanding in Leisure Studies whilst encouraging students to explore the breadth of this extremely varied industry. This includes looking at all aspects of leisure including sport, passive leisure and the home based leisure industry. The course of study is designed so that it can be undertaken by candidates entering the area for the first time.

Celebrating Success

A2 Travel and Tourism has excellent results in 2014 with 80% of students achieved A*-C grades, and 60% of students achieved an A*-B grade.

A2 Leisure and Tourism has excellent results, in 2014 1200% of students achieved A*-C grades, with 67% achieving an A*-B grade.

Extra-Curricular Activities and Trips:

Travel and Tourism

Visits to tourist organisations are arranged to enhance student understanding of travel businesses and support the completion of coursework. Over the past year this has included visits to: Disneyland Paris, Thorpe Park, Kuoni Travel and the Holiday Inn.

Leisure Studies

Visits to leisure organisations are organised to enhance understanding and aid completion of coursework. Over the past year this has include visits to: David Lloyd – Luton, Sportspace, Chelsea Football Club, Twickenham, Thorpe Park, Tower of London, Disneyland Paris.

The Disneyland Paris trip has been an established trip for the department for the last 5 years. The visit provides students with the opportunity to experience lectures from key figures within Disney focusing on the travel and tourism industry.


Golden Age: 1960s onwards

Soap operas, sports , music

·    Covers major events – Queen’s coronation, World Cup final 1966
·    Colour television popular from 1970s onwards
·    Development of commercial tv – different shows – e.g game shows, soaps
·    Competition between ITV and BBC led to improvements in programmes
·    Channel 4 and Channel 5 set up in 1980s and 1990s
·    Development of satellite television – hundreds of channels
·    Variety of shows, channels – music, comedy, sport, news, documentaries – covers all tastes
·    Popular long running programmes – e.g. Coronation Street
·    Television on 24 hours a day – starts with breakfast tv in 1980s
·    Television reflects society – 1960s hard hitting documentaries for the time – present day reality and fame shows

ITV - Peoples television. Regional interests (HTV). More informal style.

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