Hesi Case Study Deep Vein Thrombosis Quizlet

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1. Thromboplebitis
2. Oral contraceptives
3. Measure calf circumference bilaterally
4. Intravenous
5. Aptt 65 seconds, control 35 seconds
6. 6.8
7. 34   
8. Decrease the infusion rate
9. Stop the heparin   
10. Protamine sulfate
11. Hospital record that helps
12. Malpractice
13. Risk for injury (bleeding)
14. Maintain heparin
15. Elevate leg, warm compress
16. Obtain stool specimen
17. I've noticed that Mrs. Adams
18. Administer oxygen
19. The dose should be given since morphine reduces pain and anxiety
20. Green leafy vegetables
21. Acetaminophen
22. You seem to be feeling overwhelmed
23. Continue with discharge teaching
24. Use abdomen
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