Endnote Bibliography Hanging Indentation

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Q. How can I put hanging indents in my bibliography in Endnote?


  • The hanging indents don't seem to transfer properly into the Word document if you use the drag and drop feature.
  • Search the Library and select references.
  • Choose the output format.
  • Choose Export from the File menu.
  • From the Save as type list select:
    • Rich Text Format (RTF) if you want to incorporate all formats into a word processing document
    • Enter a filename and save to the desktop.
  • In Microsoft Word, choose Open from the File menu and find the .RTF file.
  • All selected references will be displayed in Word.
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If you look at the output style layout options (see attached), there are hanging indent options "none", "all paragraphs", "First Paragraph only", "second paragraph only", "all paragraphs but first".  The last is what is selected, which confused me, as I would expect that to just hang everyone but the first, and that  "all paragraphs but first" to be equivalent to "second paragraph only" or that those would apply in a way that makes no sense.  to the whole of the bibliography.  But anyway --  


When I look at that output style, I notice that the setting for hanging indent are for "all paragraphs but first".  Since that first paragraph doesn't appear in the second bibliography listing for the same author, this means the "but first" is now applying to the "second".   But, if you change to all paragraphs, then the long list of authors will now also appear as hanging, which is incorrect.  second paragraph only has the same problem as all paragraphs but the first.  


The only other option, would be to leave the setting of hanging indents the same, and ensure there is an empty paragraph whether an author is listed or not.  Visually, this is not as disturbing as the other two options.  


To do this you would place a | character before and after each of the authors in each of the bibliography templates.  

(long time Endnote user)

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