Modeling With Linear Functions Algebra 1 Homework

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Mathematics is one such subject that a lot of students find really tough and completing its homework on time can be a serious trouble. If you are studying mathematics, then there are really high chances that you may get stuck while completing modeling with linear functions common core algebra 1 homework. The reason for saying so is that many students find understanding this topic very difficult because there is a lot of numerical and graphical analysis involved in it. So there is a big chance that you may not be able to understand the intricate details discussedin this topic and that’s why you will find completing its homework as a big challenge.

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Thus the problem lies how one can complete modeling with linear functions common core algebra 1 homework on time and that too with great perfection. If you are thinking that you should ask your parents and friends for help, then you shouldbe prepared to get disappointed as this topic is not everyone’s cup of tea. And if you think that a private tutor will help you, then get ready to spare a big amount of money.

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A linear function represents a relationship between two variables, and when there is a change in one variable,then the other variable will also encounter a change.A Linear function has one variable as dependent and other as independent, and the graph is generally depicted in the form of astraight line. And when we talk about modeling with linear functions then it actually means using a function for the description of real world data and thereby finding the solutions for it.  Thus the professional experts on the online platform will help you in understanding all these things to the core.

You can ask the experts any or all of the questions given in your modeling with linear functions common core algebra 1 homework. And if you are facing any doubts related to its theory portion, understanding the data and numerical part, deriving the linear equations, then without any hesitation you can ask the professional experts for help. In addition to it, you will also get help with graphical analysis and interpretation, understanding its modeling applications.

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Horizontal Lines

We start the discussion of horizontal lines with this situation: Alvin’s pool stayed at a constant depth of 3 feet the month of August.  The goal is to model horizontal lines or situations where there is no rate of change.  I have the students sketch this as a graph in their notes and explain to their partner WHY the equation is f(x)=b.  I find it really helps when they realize that all of the ordered pairs have the same y value.  

Next, I ask them "What does a horizontal line look like if we were given two points?".  They find something like (3, 4) and (1, 4).  I pick one example and have them find the slope.  I ask them to discuss with their partner how they know that this has a zero slope.  We then discuss how the graph doesn't go up or down,  just right or left.  We can also write this equation like y = 0x + 4. 

Finally, they are asked to come up with a real life scenario to represent a horizontal line and we share as a class.

Vertical Lines

We are going to start by reminding the students of the formula for the equation of a vertical line, x=C (for example). I ask the students to identify the slope.  Vertical lines are different than the other lines we have studies.  Ask them, are these functions? It might be helpful to put up the class definition of a function and prompt students if they can think of a situation that might “work” (function) this way? No matter that the output the input is always the same?

Next I ask them "What does a vertical line look like if we are given two points?".  Students will come up with something like (3, 4) and (3, 6).  I pick an example and have the students find the slope algebraically, which results in a zero denominator.   Please watch my video on dividing by zero for information on how to explain this to students.  

Details and additional notes are in the second section of the lesson PowerPoint.

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