Joe Kovacs Author Biography Essay

Joe Kovacs, God and the Bible

Joe Kovacs, an editor for the right wingnut World Net Daily, has written a new book called Shocked by the Bible.

Just so there's no misunderstanding, I haven't read it. I have read what Kovacs and a few others have said about it. I have read that Bill O'Reilly thinks it's the cat's meow. If what I've heard is true, then Kovacs is a moron.

Kovacs is going to tell you all about the "true" facts of the Bible, because he has read the Bible and is a true "Bible believer."

"...I'm trying to educate people about what's there," Kovacs told a right wingnut talk radio host. "I'm trying to get people to go back to the Bible. I can't force people to believe it. That's up to them. But I can try to stun them with some amazing facts that they've never been told that might get them to crack open the pages of the Bible and say, 'I cannot believe that is in the Bible or that is not in the Bible. I've been misinformed all these years.'"

Kovacs thinks that "most people don't know what the Bible says [that's very true, but he isn't going to help overcome that ignorance!], and they're confused with a lot [sic] brainwashing by the media over centuries. This is not something that started 10 or 15 years ago. We're talking centuries and millennia of misconceptions floating around out there."

Heh. Heh. Yup. The reason people don't know what the Bible says is because they've been brainwashed by the "media" for centuries or millennia, even. Please. What is this moron talking about? What "media" existed centuries ago? Millennia ago?

I hate to give this character any more publicity, but he doth provide a good example of what happens when people misunderstand the Bible so completely; treat it as a collection of magical material; and think of the old tales, sagas and myths as historical realities.

For example: Kovacs told the right wingnut radio host that "There is a portion [in the Bible] where God actually reveals Himself in his full glory to him [Moses]. He stuck Moses between the cleft of a rock, because Moses asked to see God, to show him His way. ...

"As He [God] walked by, He put his hand over his eyes so Moses was unable to see God's face. But as He walked away, God lifted His hand, and Moses could see the back side of God as He's walking away, in His full glory. This is the Old Testament stuff that people never hear about. That God actually revealed Himself in his full glory to Moses."

Honestly. I am not making this up. God revealed his back side to Moses! IN ITS FULL GLORY!

And Moses said, "Holy crap!"

[The story is found in Exodus 33:17-23. In Exodus 34, God gives Moses the commandments again along with a bunch of other commandments which seem to have just as much importance as the first "10."]

Now, it gets even more interesting. Here's what this moron, Kovacs said:

"And guess what. He looked like a guy just walking right by you. God does say that He's got eyes and hands and arms and legs and feet and nostrils. So God does look like us. We are made in His image. Some people are not aware of that. They think God is some ethereal cloud floating around out there. We are made in the image of God. We weren't made in the image of puppies or butterflies or snakes or caterpillars. God actually made man after the God kind because we're meant to be with God in His family for all eternity."

Methinks "moron" is too nice a term. God is a physical being? Looks just like us? Then what the hell is Jesus talking about when he's quoted in John 4:24 as saying "God is a spirit and those who worship him must worship him in spirit and truth"?

I think trying to reason with Kovacs would be like arguing with a doorpost. What he's done is created his own God in Kovacs' own image. Which is pretty much what those ancient storytellers did when they wrote these tall tales about ancient nomads lost in the desert.

Kovacs is one of those guys who makes it really hard to believe in heaven. Would you want to roll around heaven all day with this fruitcake?

I'm not "shocked" by the Bible, I'm shocked there are people as stupid as Kovacs writing a book about it. He is, in spite of his profession to the contrary, a biblical illiterate!

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