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Nurse Externs are nursing students working under the supervision of a registered nurse. Activities completed during the extern period include attending workshops, acquiring knowledge in various nursing specialties, assisting nursing procedures, helping patients with hygiene and dressing, and learning how to provide patient care. Successful example resumes for Nurse Extern mention assets such as nursing knowledge, the ability to follow guidelines, communication and interpersonal skills, time management, and bedside manners. Based on our selection of sample resumes, Nurse Externs have completed at least one year of nursing training.

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Professional Student Nurse Extern

Assisted patients in routine physical needs including bathing, oral care, nutritional needs and others as directed.

  • Provided for patient safety adhering to the standards of nursing care and policies of the hospital.
  • Collected data and provided information to the RN in developing the plan of care.
  • Reported all observed symptoms, reactions, treatment, and changes in patient condition to the RN.
  • Performed basic procedures such as intravenous access, port-a-cath access, urinary catheter insertion, CVC dressing changes, sterile and non-sterile dressings and others as applicable per policy and procedure.
  • Demonstrated time management and organizational skills on a consistent basis.
  • Demonstrated behavior that reflects cooperation, commitment, reliability, initiative and team work.

Student Nurse Extern

Worked with RN preceptors as part of an 8-week program on a various units (ER, OR, Endoscopy, Labor and Delivery)

  • Improved clinical and interpersonal skills and functioned as a member of the multidisciplinary health care team
  • Cleaned and sterilized instruments and disposed of contaminated supplies
  • Tested glucose level and administered injections
  • Interviewed patients to obtain medical and biometric information
  • Maintained patient charts and confidential files
  • Observed procedures (surgeries, delivery of babies, etc.)

Nurse Extern - Emergency Room/trauma ICU

Provided intensive care for two patients in 12-hour shifts

  • Effectively communicated with all team members for quality patient care
  • Facilitated the patient teaching among Chinese patients and family members, includes procedure demonstration, explain indications and side effects of medications, and transfer/referral plan
  • Maintained a secure environment geared towards patients' needs
  • Documented all aspects of care in a timely fashion

Nurse Extern

Assisted nurses in their daily duties.

  • Completed hourly rounds and ensured patient hygiene.
  • Performed and recorded vital signs; Monitored and recorded intake/output of patients.
  • Assisted in physical therapy, ensured patient satisfaction, Phlebotomy and laboratory preparation.
  • Obtained glucose blood sugars and recorded results.
  • Assisted in feeding patients that were unable to feed themselves.
  • Adhered to HIPPA guidelines.

Woodhull Hospital Nurse Extern Program

  • Selected out of 200 students to participate in a six week paid externship program
  • Worked 12 hour day shifts and provided reports to oncoming nurses using SBAR
  • Performed head-to-toe assessments, as well as inserted and removed urinary catheters and cared for patients with colostomies
  • Administered PO, SQ, IM, IV, IVPB, topical, sublingual and inhalation medications
  • Prepared IV tubing and medications, as well as assembled infusion pumps and programmed infusion rates
  • Performed patient teaching to both patients and family; Recorded patient information using electronic documentation

Nurse Extern

Worked with a broad patient population on numerous different units including telemetry, medical surgical, oncology, intensive care, and neurological

  • Collected vital signs, I&Os, and measured blood glucose readings
  • Assisted patients with ADLs and ambulation, as well as assisting other staff with transfers and repositioning
  • Communicated with patients and families in therapeutic manner, as well as communicating necessary patient information to staff involved in care
  • Planed and provided quality care for patients as a part of the multidisciplinary team
  • Conducted head-to-toe and focused assessments for a large patient population
  • Continuously monitored patient status while providing patient care activities
  • Evaluated patient outcomes as well as patient knowledge and provided education as needed
  • Interacted and communicated with patients and families to create a comfortable setting

Nurse Extern

Trauma ICU

  • Performed selected activities and assisted in nursing care as assigned according to established policies and procedures
  • Monitored and maintained supplies and equipment
  • Transported patients, charts, specimens, equipment, and supplies
  • Assisted with admissions, transfers, and discharges of patients including reinforcement of patient and family education

Student Nurse Extern

Surgical Intensive Care Unit

  • Assisted the registered nurse in provision of care to patients.
  • Observed and documented patient conditions/behaviors in order to provide input to the RN.
  • Performed treatments and procedures under the direction of a RN and according to policy and procedure.
  • Participated in quality assurance activities and implemented quality assurance measures to ensure that hospital, JCAHO, and other quality standards or regulations were met.

Nurse Extern

  • Assessed patients and assisted in devising treatment methods designed to reduce pain and discomfort
  • Coordinated care efforts amongst volunteers and home care aides
  • Initiated communication with attending physicians
  • Sought input from other sources regarding care plans and implementation procedures
  • Developed skills in dealing with crisis situations and supported families having to make difficult decisions

Nurse Extern

  • Achieved skills in the Registered Nurse role under supervision of skilled nurse-preceptors
  • Planned interdisciplinary care for the patient based on the assessment findings using the nursing process
  • Made sound clinical judgments based on application of critical thinking to patient care situations
  • Performed basic skills safely and competently with minimum supervision
  • Prioritized and organized and documented the nursing care


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Dear ,

I was referred to you by your Mrs., shift-incharge with your Los Angeles Hospital, who informed me that the Austin hospital of National Group of Hospitals is actively seeking to hire quality nurses for your health care program.

I have two years of nursing experience, including internship as a assistant nurse last year with the Los Angeles city office of International Hospital. My charge included driving to patient homes, care center and group home, assisting with personal care of the patient like bathing, feeding, bed making, mouth care, vital signs and transferring. I am a senior student at National School of Nursing and will be graduating next month. I am confident that my combination of practical work experience and solid educational experience has prepared me for making an immediate contribution to big public hospitals. Having interned with a leading hospital in the health care, I understand the level of professionalism and communication required for long-term success in this field. My background and professional approach to treatments will provide your hospital with a highly productive nurse upon completion of your care program.

I would appreciate the chance to discuss how my education and experience will be helpful to you. I will be contacting you tomorrow afternoon to talk about the possibility of arranging an interview. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Senior Student, Nursing,

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