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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at siemens


graduate business program

Alex James

Graduate Recruitment Manager



United Kingdom

Dear Ms James,

Are you looking for someone that is motivated and eager to make things better? If so, we should talk.

As a recent Masters graduate of Engineering Business Management at the University of Warwick, I was drawn towards the Graduate Business Program which was advertised on your Website and am applying in respect to this program.

On further exploration of your website, I was captivated by your continual drive to provide innovative solutions to societies’ need and the recognition you have received over the years. The experience of a large multinational organisation like Siemens offers an opportunity for growth and development through the diverse range of project carried out. I see Siemens as a platform which is important for the early stage and development of my career, where I can apply my business knowledge coupled with my engineering background to add value to your organisation.

My coursework and experience at the University of Warwick improved my critical thinking ability and writing skills. I read module like Innovation Strategy which helped me developed an understanding of business sustainability through continual development of ground breaking products. Additionally, modules like Strategic marketing exposed me to the need for organisations to be passionate about their customers, by ensuring that value is delivered to them. I demonstrated a high drive and passion amongst my team during simulation exercise to ensure that projects were delivered within their deadlines. These skills I have developed will be essential for me to function effectively in Siemens.

Moreover, my academic background in Electronic /Electrical Engineering provided an opportunity for developing my analytical and problem solving skills. As a student undertaking industrial placement at Delta Steel Company, I learnt to develop my technical skills through the troubleshooting and maintenance of electronic systems. This fuelled my desire to explore problems and take up new challenges. I have also demonstrated organisational and leadership skills through my role as a Mission secretary of the Christian Union during my undergraduate study. I lead my team and organised projects to support and encourage prisoners and people in the rural villages. Also, as a financial secretary within that organisation, I was able to prioritise the urgency and importance of task, and by influencing the decision of the executive we were able to purchase a new bus for the organisation. Recently, after my master’s study, I took up a role as an account executive intern at Free holdings Company, where portrayed my ability to pay attention to details through my duties which involved populating the database. I also demonstrated communication and interpersonal skill working in a professional environment with people from diverse culture and background.

Finally, I believe that my skills and experience makes me suitable for this role and I would love the opportunity to work for you. Thank you for considering my application. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at Siemens


Trainee engineer

Having read the job advertisement published on Siemens Global Career Website, I would like to apply for the Siemens Graduate Program. I am eager to apply my knowledge and expand my conceptual skills and wish to do that through a position at Siemens.

I will receive my Bachelor of Science degree in electrical (electronics) engineering from Nfc Iet Multan.I am just recently done my engineering. During my studies I have not only acquired a very good technical foundation, but have also developed an analytical and systematical approach in solving various problems. I have done 6 weeks internship at ptcl – working in the switching and transmission department .I have done matriculation from Nishat High School Multan and Intermediate from Rise Collage of science in very good marks. I have an excellent academic credential as I indicated on my enclosure resume.

Therefore, a career at Siemens would be a great opportunity both for my professional knowledge and my practical experience. As a result, I regard a start of my career life at your company as a new challenge.

I hope I have enticed your interest and look forward to hearing from you.

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